Do you want to see your child or a child you care deeply for achieve their full potential, have more confidence and be proud of themselves?


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  • Also get a ​FREE Download ​ to my parents book on how they raised me ($20 value)
  • ​Become Victorious - Habits and Routines Module for Adults ($37 value)

The problem is your world is filled with more fear, pressure, and negative influences than ever before...

It often feels overwhelming for you to try and guard the hearts and minds of your kids when there is so much that seems to attack them every day... not to mention all the times when you feel like your voice is the only one that’s not being heard...

Wouldn't it be amazing if your kids were learning from someone they look up to or admire? 

Wouldn't it be amazing having a sense of comfort knowing your kids were being educated on how to build more confidence, self-esteem and the ways to create a compelling future for their life?

How would that make you feel as a parent seeing your legacy become stronger and brighter?

Whether you're going to take this journey with me or not... at the end of this I’m going to give you the number one skill my parents engraved in me at an earlier age... the skill that allowed me to tackle challenges despite having no legs and one arm...

I'm Nick Santonastasso and I went from being a depressed suicidal kid, who had no confidence... thinking to myself "I will never have a normal life, a girlfriend or have my own family someday..."

Fast forward many years... To now where I travel the world inspiring millions of adults and youth through my books, podcasts and workshops. I share many stages with some of the most empowering people of our time.

The way I truly achieved all that is by building the confidence and the love for myself... 

You see I know your kids mean the world to you and you would do anything in your power to see them BE VICTORIOUS!

Now, I want to teach your kid or a kid that you care deeply for, THE MINDSET TOOLS and invaluable perspective  I used to become the VICTOR of my life... 

How will you feel once your kids become stronger emotionally and mentally?
How will you feel as a parent knowing your Children will get the tools to live out of purpose rather than peer pressure?

What will it mean to you for your kid to find encouragement to lean into their unique makeup instead of feeling pulled to become a copy of someone else?

I Love Teaching & Mentorship...

Which is exactly why...

After years of people asking...

And thousands of messages online...

I'm Going To Give You Access To Something I've Put My Blood, Sweat And Tears Into...


My "Junior Victorious"  Program!

"Junior Victorious" is a 52-week curriculum where every Sunday I will send out a 5-7 minute video lesson for the youth, covering lessons on physical health, mindset, life skills, emotional awareness and everything that I’ve learned over the past 23 years of my life to help kids operate at a higher level… I will be teaching your kids ways to create a compelling vision for their life, tools to build more confidence and the ways they can contribute to themselves and others while understanding the path to happiness and fulfillment..

I want you to have peace of mind knowing your children are consuming life changing content. 

 You may be asking yourself is this worth the time, energy or money?

Well i remember a time that i spoke at a high school in Washington…

After my speech a boy named Ryan found me in the hallway… gave me a massive hug and said the reason that he will live to see another day is because of the presentation I gave earlier... 

I'll cherish that moment forever

I’m not saying your child is suicidal… All I know is that you want your kid to play at an even higher level of life because thats the kind of parent you are...

When you sign up for "Junior Victorious" you will get access to our private facebook community for parents where I go live once a week with other thought leaders including my very own parents. 

Your child will get a recorded video from me every single week for the entire year plus access to group coaching with me and other kids...

And you still may be asking yourself is this worth the money?

Well... let me ask you a question... 

What would it mean to you to give your kid more self esteem? 

What would it mean to see your kid walking around with more confidence and a compelling future for their life? what is that worth to you? 

Even if your kid went through the entire program and just came out with more self esteem or the mental strength to get through that next tough time would that be worth it all?


I wanted to do something special for the action takers, the people like you who take advantage of opportunities because you took time out of your day to listen to my message.

Junior Victorious is $397 for the year.

So take advantage NOW so your kids can win the future!

Here Is A Quick Recap Of Everything Your Getting

Weekly video lesson for your kid!

FREE Download to my parents book on how they raised me!

​Become Victorious - Habits and Routines Module for Adults ($37 value)

And lastly the Exclusive Offer just for you…

For the general public "Junior Victorious" is $397 dollars for the year..

But if you and your family start this journey with me today you can get access to my "Junior Victorious"  program...

Which also includes these incredible bonuses that I mentioned above, that the general public doesn't have access to... 

As you know, I believe whole heartedly that it's not the physical body that holds us back but "the biggest disability you can have is a bad mindset…"

You are eligible for this offer only for the next 24 hours… Please take the action below now… so YOU AND YOUR kids can WIN the future TOGETHER… I look forward to seeing you soon!


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took a photo with Nick at the gym in LAs vegas and uploaded it to his 176 million instagram followers and it got over 3 million likes! Just in case you can't read the caption on the screen shot, we wrote it for you here: 

"POWER OF CHOICE. Think about this one for a second... Nick Santonastasso was born with one arm and no legs. In his mind, there's nothing he can't do... and he's right. He's right because he does everything he sets his mind to. Competed as an amateur wrestler, motivational speaker, trains like a beast and today (Sat 9/23) he competes in his first bodybuilding contest. We chatted after my workout about the power of choice. He said, he could've been pissed at the world for being born like this, but instead I choose to live life to the fullest, be happy and crush everything I put my mind to and hopefully, I can inspire people to do the same. Yes sir. Life deals us cards on daily basis, but we always get to decide how you're gonna play'em. Keep crushing life my man and inspiring all those around you. And thank you for helping frame my perspective on life just a little bit more. #PowerOfChoice"

"Life deals us cards on a daily basis, but we always get to decide how we’re gonna play ’em. Keep crushing life my man and inspiring all those around you. And thank you for helping frame my perspective on life just a little bit more..."
"I don’t know if we’ve had anyone sitting there in that kind of posture at your age bro that is maxing out life at the pace that you are... I am so proud of you..." - Ed Mylett

What Our Community Members Have To Say...

"Life deals us cards on a daily basis, but we always get to decide how we’re gonna play ’em. Keep crushing life my man and inspiring all those around you. And thank you for helping frame my perspective on life just a little bit more..."
JR VIctorious Member - Swayze
“You inspire me to think on the bright side of my life. You are amazing, intelligent, awesome and brave. You're positive not negative, and always kind and loving. Thank you for being on JR Victorious and encouraging me and all the other kids. You are an inspiration to all of us, we love having you on JR Victorious.
JR Victorious Member - temitope Johnson
“I've learned so many things with my mentor Nick Santonastasso. And remember the biggest disability you can have is a bad mindset"

Kamil & His Daughter Nel

Nick has been instrumental to us as a family. We've seen him speak at Tony Robbins, Gobundance and Fambundance events and every time his message is so relatable it inspires us, it touches our hearts... Especially my younger daughter here and my older daughter Natalia, it's a driving force in their development. They use his message almost on a daily basis and I couldn't thank Nick enough and I couldn't imagine our family growing without having his message as one of our core family values." 

Money Back Guarantee

You are going to love seeing the growth and the transformation in your childs confidence. We guarantee it will be worth the investment in your kid and your family as a whole, to join the "Junior Victorious" program, that if you don't get your value from it in the first 14 days, we'll refund you in full.

You have zero risk. So take full advantage of this opportunity and savings you get right now, and click the button below to join.

Here’s how it works: Join the "Junior Victorious"  Program and community today, help your kids to follow the training and if you don’t feel the mentorship, coaching and guidance is worth the investment… you don’t pay a penny! 

That’s right. I’ll refund every penny you invested… 

I'm doing this because I'm so confident that if you can show me that you worked along side your kid and helped to implement the strategies, attended the live trainings and fully maximized our community support, and if somehow you still don't feel the investment was worth every penny, I’ll refund you in full, no-questions and no risk... so sign up now!

Why You Want To Join?

Joining and investing right now is a reflection of your commitment to:

Your kids (you are the rock that supports them)

Your personal growth (you know you can always be better)

Your legacy (kids are your legacy and they deserve to have the right tools)

Your peace of mind (finally know you have the right plan and road map)

What's All Included?

Recap of everything you're getting instant access to...

  • ​Free access to my parents book on how they raised me ($20 value)
  • ​​Become Victorious - Habits and Routines Module for Adults ($37 value)
  • ​Exclusive access to unreleased content
  • ​Plus much more...

Have a question about anything you read here?

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However, if you're ready... 

I'll see you on the inside and connect with you face-to-face in our group! 

Stay Victorious my friends,

Nick Santonastasso
AKA the mindset coach for the youth.

Your Child's Transformation Starts NOW! 

Bonuses For Joining:

  • ​Free Access to my parents book on how they raised me ($20 value)
  • ​​Become Victorious - Habits and Routines Module for Adults ($37 value)
  • ​​Exclusive access to unreleased content
  • ​​Plus much more...

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